Stella Soomlais

Stella Soomlais (EE)

Stella Soomlais is a young leather and accessories designer. She started her own studio in 2011 and has quickly built a distinct brand – she tailors unique bags for customers with specific requests and runs a design studio that offers variety of accessories and workshops. Stella is an active member of Estonian Association of Designers, is one of the founding members of Estonian Design House in Tallinn and has been organising Tallinn Design Night festival for the past 5 years. Stella has been nominated for Estonian Best Young Designers Award for two years and won prizes for her creations in Hong Kong and Estonia.


Business Card Worthwhile to Keep

Little design studios have bigger impact than simply being a tourist attraction in their home town. Even if they do not bring money in same level as big industries, they make the face for the country. With help of journalism and internet, little design and artisan studios can make the tiny room in Tallinn the main “it”-place in NYC. Every citizen is kind of a business card of the country, little creative companies with their headmen and -women can make the cards worthwhile to keep. The talk will provide ideas how to nurture them.