Outi Luukko (FI)

Presentation: Welcome to a New Resource Wise Era in Work Wear Business

Outi Luukko currently works as CEO and partner in TouchPoint. TouchPoint was grounded 2008 due to rising signals of growing interest of ecological choices. Company is operating in b‐to‐b sector, being nowadays a forerunner for sustainable solutions. The core business is designing and manufacturing work wear and pr‐products, where recycled and regenerated materials besides functionality and brand image supportiveness are playing important roles.

Before TouchPoint Outi Luukko’s previous career has been in advertising and design branch, last 15 years as an entrepreneur and CEO for Design Agency Unique Ltd (1992‐2007 company sold). Company target was in design management, building corporate and product identities. Outi Luukko has background with several studies in advertising and marketing, latest having completed Diploma in Marketing Management at Marketing Institute, Helsinki.


TouchPoint ‐ Welcome to a New Resource Wise Era in Work Wear Business

TouchPoint is a Start Up  that combines creative design and ecological values in the production of work wear. Recycled plastic bottles are used as a material for staffs’ work wear in a hamburger restaurant. They believe properly designed work wear can increase well-being at work and productivity.

Experiencing Service Design

  • Our concept is breaking the limits when sustainability, functionality and the possibilities of brand building meet, inspiring each other
  • Our service combination forms unique competitive edge to our clients; storytelling, emotion and significance

Significance of work wear – an investment to people

  • Work clothes have an immediate effect on the efficiency, motivation and self‐esteem of the employees
  • They are a part of corporate image, sending a message – a good or a bad one
  • “Green design in every color” – how to make a good collection ecologically
  • Producing in neighbouring area, direct and indirect increasing effect on employment

Imagine: 100.000.000 plastic bottles are produced every day – every bit of plastic remains here

  • Fabrics and materials made out of recycled plastic bottles can be used to process new materials such as fabrics for work wear and clothing industry
  • Resource efficiency is today’s key word, “the new black”, recycled and regenerated fabrics open a new resource wise era
  • Trash is valuable; lengthening the life cycle of any material is better than throwing to waste. Importance of recycling; up cycling products and materials instead of producing new materials.
  • Recycling can create new, scaling business opportunities. Challenges and problems can be turned into possibilities

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Can any company in developed countries afford to be immune to this matter?
  • There is always an ecological alternative when making choices
  • Challenging our clients and interest groups to make the change