Madara Peipina

Madara Peipina (LV)

Presentation: Public E-petition Platform – My Voice

Madara Peipina represents one of the most innovative and successful e-petition platforms in Europe - / MyVoice, helping to bring people’s ideas to Parliament.

She is a highly motivated non-profit project developer and manager with a background in international communication, environment and sustainability, non-formal education and law. During her more than 10 years of experience with non-profit projects and organizations, she has worked closely together with climate movement in New Zealand and Youth Wtih A Mission in Norway and Argentina, as well as helped to build and strenghten national scale non-profits in Latvia, such as e-petition platform, environmental movement homo ecos: and youth organization NEXT.

Ms Peipina is particularly interested in creating and implementing social initiatives with a high added value for different society groups, especially youth, believing that a meaningful and lasting change can only happen when non-profits work closely together with government institutions and entrepreneuers.


MyVoice /

Bringing people’s ideas straight to decision makers

“ now puts Latvia at the forefront of European efforts to shift some forms of political participation to the Internet.” New York Times, 9th of April, 2013

What is MyVoice / ? is a public participation platform where every citizen of Latvia at least 16 years of age can submit and sign initiatives and e-petitions for any level legislation change. Anyone who has a good idea how to improve existing laws or create new ones can register his/her idea and gather supporters’ signatures. Once an initiative reaches 10 000 signatures, it is officially submitted to the Parliament, where it is processed and included in the Parliament’s official agenda. Later it is discussed together with the author and experts, and Parliament makes the final decision - either the idea presented in the initiative becomes a law or not.

This mechanism – collective submission – was one of the first petitions on back in June 2011, and, thanks to people’s signatures, is now established in the law.

Using the site is completely free. All users of are required to authorize through a state-registered online bank. ensures privacy and the security of personal data.

All initiative authors and users of receive technical, legal and communications support, and makes sure all ideas presented to Parliament are processed and heard.

Does it work?

Yes, it does! After four years of work has proved itself to be one of the most effective, widerspread and popular civic participation projects in Latvia’s history. Even more - has been recognized as an open government success story all across the globe. It was mentioned by US President Barack Obama during the Open Government Partnership Initiative launching event, it has been featured in publications by New York Times and The Guardian, as well as recognized as “one of the outstanding challengers from Eastern and Central Europe”.