Johanna Frelin

Johanna Frelin (SE)

Presentation: Create an Enviroment Where Youth Can Innovate


  • 2011-2015 Several courses and Master Classes in Digital Communication, Business Transformation, Innovation at Hyper Island
  • 2009-2010 Board training, Styrelsekraft
  • 2004- 2006 MBA at Stockholm School of Economics
  • 1998-1999 MIL Leadership program
  • 1987-1990 Luther College, Iowa, USA. BA in Communication
  • 1984-1987 Gripenskolan, Nyköping, Natural Science.


1/3 2011-
CEO Hyper Island, a global education and consultancy company in Sweden, USA, The UK, Singapore and Brazil in the field of digital communication, creativity, innovation and digital business. I am a lecturer and thought leader within creativity and leadership and how to organise and promote innovation in new and existing environments. I have exported Hyper Island globally
during my time as a CEO.

2008 – Feb 2011
Director of Programs, SVT and part of the SVT Group Management for five years under two CEO´s: Eva Hamilton and Christina Jutterström. My organisation had 650 coworkers.

2007- 2008
Director of SVT Stockholm. A unit which contained about 350 coworkers and I was responsible for Drama, Entertainment, Culture, Documentaries and Children´s programming. My main focus was to establish and maintain collaboration between the different areas to excel innovation and competence.

Commissioner, Children´s programming. I started a TV channel, Barnkanalen. I was responsible for selling, buying and co-producing programs as well as branding and positioning a TV channel.

Director of Children´s programming, SVT. I was responsible for production and international coproduction of Children´s programming.

TV-producer, SVT. I produced several award winning shows as “REA” and

1990- 1995
Freelance journalist for TV, radio and magazines.


  • Receiver of The advertising award through Hyper Island, 2015 (Stora Annonsörspriset)
  • Nominated as the Leader of the Year 2015 (Årets Chef)
  • Board member in Fokus and SNS 2015
  • Media expert in the governmental report on future of media 2015
  • The CEO of the year, small companies, 2013 in Sweden (Årets VD)
  • Thought leader within digital communication, management and business.
  • Lecturer, speaker and expert in panels, seminars and classes globally since 2011.
  • Moderator for global seminars, classes and events in the field of creativity, innovation and digital since 2011.