Guðlaug Rakel Guðjónsdóttir

Guðlaug Rakel Guðjónsdóttir (IS)

Presentataion: In Real Time – Operational Indicators in Landspítali the National University Hospital 

Mrs. Guðlaug Rakel Guðjónsdóttir is a Chief Executive at Landspítali - The National University Hospital of Iceland. She heads the emergency services, geriatric services, rehabilitation, pharmacy, patient flow and disaster preparedness services for Landspítali. Due to Iceland’s geographical position Landspítali´s emergency services are responsible for emergent medical services to all aviation and marine traffic in the North Atlantic reaching from the Faroe Islands in the South towards Canada in the West.

She has been chief executive for the emergency services since 2009 and has been a part of the front leadership at Landspítali for a number of years with emphasis on continuing improvement efforts, risk management and patient safety.

She is an active member of professional administrators and leadership associations focusing on the professional development of public administrators.

She was appointed by the Ministry of Welfare to a Nordic cooperation group tasked with the execution of the Nordic agreement on Nordic Health Preparedness committee named the Svalbardgroup.

She was appointed by the Ministry of Welfare to take seat as a health care official at the National Coordination and Command Center.

She has headed and participated in a number of public health ministry projects regarding health care in a broad spectrum of issues.

As a leader and educator she lectures at the University of Iceland, in the field of public administration, business administration, risk management, and epidemiology studies.

Mrs. Guðlaug Rakel Guðjónsdóttir received her Bachelor of Nursing degree from the University of Iceland in 1986 and her Masters of Business Administration at the University of Iceland executive program in 2004. She is currently working on descriptive epidemiology of Emergency Department users at Landpítali - The National University Hospital of Iceland.


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