Eve Limbach-Pirn

Eve Limbach-Pirn (EE)

Presentation: How to promote leader’s innovativeness? Experience from Estonia

Eve Limbach-Pirn graduated from Tartu University as a psychologist and has spent most of her professional career in Human Resource Management. She has worked as a HR manager, trainer and consultant both in private and public sectors. In 1999 – 2004, she worked as aVice Rector for Estonian Academy of Security Sciences. Eve is currently Head of Top Civil Service Excellence Centre in Government Office of Estonia. She has built the team of the Centre and led development of the systematic approach to recruitment and development of top civil servants in Estonia.


How to cultivate leadership and skills for public sector innovation: experience from training of top civil servants in Estonia

Synopsis: As innovation becomes more important in public sector, so does the need for innovation-friendly leadership rise. In Estonia, we have learned several practical lessons how to hire better for fostering innovation and entrepreneurship among top civil servants – starting from how to advertise these positions out. We have also learned ins and outs on if and how innovative leaders can be fostered through skills development: which skills are needed, what training methods work best, etc. This talk will summarize Estonian Top Civil Service Excellence Centre’s years of experience in fostering innovation in Estonian public sector.