Victor Diawara

Mr Victor Diawara (LT)

Presentation: Art Factory LOFTAS-Platform of Cultural and Creative Industries – Where Art, Media and Functional Creations meet

Work experience

2013 May – June
Two day creative industries conference “What’s Next?” initiator and organizer

2012 June / 2013 June
International festival “Loftas fest 2012” and “Loftas fest 2013” initiator and organizer

“Loftas Fest” – it is the first international interdisciplinary art and music festival of this type that lasts 3 days and nights in Vilnius Naujamiestis. International cooperation and cultural exchange – one of the strongest sides of this project.

In 2012 and 2013, this festival was widely publicized in local and international media as unconventional and unique event. Further this event in Vilnius Naujamiestis revitalized the abandoned “Elfa” factory quarters and industrial Vytenis street.

The main task of this interdisciplinary art and music festival was to set a standard of progress for modern culture.

Besides this huge event that was an opportunity to transform industrial neighborhood of Naujamiestis to a place of good quality art and culture.

The main aims and tasks of the festival:

  1. To popularise lithuanian modern culture (esspecially music and visual arts) locally as well as internationally.
  2. To encourage cooperation of lithuanian and foregin artists.
  3. To provide cultural progress to the area of Naujamiestis the place of small cultural events of young artists and musicians.
  4. To make “Loftas fest” an international interdisciplinary art and music festival available to the wider audience especially for young people and guests from other regions.
  5. To rise the artistic quality of music in Lithuania, and to encourage the appreciation of good quality popular music for young lithuanians .
  6. To provide a platform for musicians and visual artists as well as to present their art in international festivals with artists and musicians that are already globally acclaimed.

2009 December – present
Director of art factory “Loftas”.

He invited to Lithuania globally known groups, such as “Jazzanova”, “Caribou”, “Gabin”, “Hercules and Love Affair”, “Toro Y Moi”, Jamie Woon, Nicolas Jaar, “Editors”, Ellie Goulding, Dub Fx, “Parov Stelar Band” and many others.


  • UN Goodwill ambassador 2006
  • UNICEF honorary ambassador 2010
  • The founding member of the band “Skamp”
  • Member of „LT United“ band
  • The member of the international project „Malituanie“ with the widely acclaimed Baba Sissoko

The recipient of more than 30 musical awards, including:

  • The 35th Grand Prix „Liepajas Dzintars“ festival in 1999 . (Latvia)
  • The award from the Government of the Republic of Lithuania (the Prime Minister) in 1998

Active member of musical festivals

  • Culture Jam Festival 2006 (Germany)
  • “Deadly Live Tour” 2005 (Great Britain, Ireland, Lithuania)
  • EU Days 2004 (Great Britain, Germany, Lithuania)
  • “Reach Tour” 2003-2004 (USA, Ireland, Great Britain, Austria, Germany)
  • Estonian music awards 2002 (Estonia)
  • Firenight Festival 2001 (Estonia)
  • Andrius Mamontovas Tour 2001 (Lithuania)
  • “Skempinligė Tour” 2001 (Lithuania / Latvia)
  • Eurovision song contest 2001 (Denmark)
  • Baltic Song Festival 2001 (Sweden)
  • Kaunas Jazz Festival 2000, 2003 & 2004 (Lithuania)
  • Forte Riga 2000 (Latvia)
  • Bildes 2000 (Latvia)
  • Parama 2000 (Lithuania)
  • “Green School Tour” 2000 (Lithuania)
  • Klaipėda Sea fest 1999 & 2000 (Lithuania)
  • Liepaja Dzintars Competition 1999 / 2000 (Latvia)
  • “Cool Rok Tour” 1998 (Lithuania)


Art Factory Loftas

is a platform of creative industries where arts, media & functional creations meet.

The project was started in 2009 in an area of  the capital Vilnius which has now gained the name “uptown”. It was a run down area, forgotten by the municipality, but the setting was perfect for our idea: a multi functional venue for all the players of the Creative Industries. It was the middle of the world financial and economic crisis. But we had a vision, a concept, a strategy, a network of professionals, a lot of energy and ambitions.

As we all know Creative Industries are one of the most dynamic sectors in the EU and one of the most significant and rising sectors in the world economy. New start ups (creative ideas, innovations) are performing the main role in creating new jobs and the creative economy stimulates economic diversification, revenues, trade and innovations.

Since 2009 Art Factory Loftas has organised or accommodated a various number of events by key players from the creative Industries:

Performing arts: live music, theatre, dance, opera
Audio-visuals: film festivals, television and radio broadcasting
Visual arts: exhibitions, painting, sculpture, photography
Design: fashion shows, jewellery, crafts fair, Uptown Market
Conferences: video gamers, animations, architecture, advertising, digital services etc.
Creative Industries conference “What’s next”
Loftas has become a place where cross sector possibilities are created
Co creation between disciplines
Cross overs between sectors
Cooperation between businesses
It’s where as an increased linkages between gaming, film & music is being established.


We create a critical mass for the creators, a community of people who need those services

Economic impact of the creative industries
Generated economic value and jobs

  • Generated content:  30 events per year in 2010 - growing to 220 events in 2015
  • Audience attendance: 20.000 attendees in 2010 - growing to 110.000 in 2015 (Vilnius has a population of 530.000)
  • Invited professionals: 20 in 2010 - over 240 in 2015 who visited Lithuania and interacted with the local audience, talent, innovators, etc. Sharing know how.
  • Created Jobs: 2 in 2009 - 24 in 2015. Also over 50 volunteers from partnering universities and between 4-6 interns every year.

We employ young people, who can learn skills practically. The educational system has not yet adapted the curriculum to the fast growing pace of creative industies which are ever-changing. Loftas is the perfect place for gathering career experience.

Social and economic impact for the area

Loftas has been the catalyst for the development of the whole area uptown area. This part of town is now becoming very “hip”. Many venues and bars are now opening there. Businesses are investing there. Some examples:

  • Barclay’s Creative Hub
  • Radio Lofts (loft spaces and creative studios)
  • Multifunctional sport centre (Index Hall),
  • Hub House (Association of music managers, designers, etc)
  • Hotels
  • Partnerships in all Europe


  • Dynamics: the nature of those industries is a continuous evolution and transition from one stage to another.
  • Access to finance: the banking sector does not have the necessary expertise to analyse business models in these sectors. Banks - Loans etc
  • Support creative business. Little state funding.
  • Regulations
  • Undeveloped areas. Safety.
  • Working factorie.
  • Need of infrastructure
  • Ownership
  • You don’t have to create brand new complexes for this.
  • Give empty / abandoned spaces to creative people and they can make wonders happen.
  • Creative people are the catalysts for innovation and economic development