Tõnu Runnel

Tõnu Runnel (EE)

Presentation: #EstonianMafia behind the scene: perspective of designer

Tõnu is a designer by trade and a lawyer by education. He’s running two design-driven companies — website builder called Voog and design agency Fraktal — and has consulted and designed for a number of successful Estonian startups. A co-founder of the influential Estonian Startup Leaders Club, Tõnu is one of the spokespersons for Estonian startup culture and design industry.


#Estonianmafia behind the scenes: from the perspective of a designer

One of the three key skills required by any tech startup is design. Estonia has become a prominent hub for both of these trades — masterful design thinking and lively tech startup crowd, known globally as the #EstonianMafia. Tõnu guides us through some interesting case studies from the intersection of tech and design — how the startup community and universities are shaping each other, when is the right time to apply design in digital product development and what happens behind the scenes at some outstanding tech startups.