Siim Sikkut

Siim Sikkut (EE)

Presentation: e-Residency - Can governments operate like start-ups?

Siim Sikkut serves as Digital Policy Adviser in Government Office of Estonia. His role is to coordinate digital policy planning and execution of strategic initiatives across the government, plus advise the Prime Minister on e-governance and digital economy matters. Siim is one of the founders of Estonia’s groundbreaking e-Residency programme.


How to operate in government like the start-ups do: story of the launch of e-Residency

Estonia launched e-Residency in December 2014, by giving the opportunity to anybody in the world to apply for government-issued secure digital identity. In a non-typical government way, the programme was launched and is run like start-ups are: in beta mode first, focusing on MVP, developing the service offering in agile way and hand-in-hand with users, going live and failing fast. The talk will sum the road so far, reflecting can start-up ways of doing things really be fit to government setting, what are the hardships and opportunities along the way.