Ragnar Siil

Ragnar Siil (EE)

Presentation: Kick-starting Creative Economy

Ragnar Siil is a founder and managing partner of Creativity Lab – a creative economy think tank and consultancy group with offices in Estonia and Latvia. Previously, Ragnar Siil has worked as Undersecretary for the Arts in Estonian Ministry of Culture. He was a member and chairman of the European Union expert group on cultural and creative sectors from 2008 to 2014. Ragnar has also been a member of the European Creative Industries Alliance’s Policy Learning Platform. Since 2014 Ragnar has been consulting Ukrainian and Georgian governments in cultural policy and creative industries reforms (EU Technical Assistance), as well as advising Latvian Ministry of Culture in preparing the EU Presidency programme on cultural and creative crossovers.


Creative Estonia: kick-starting a creative economy

Estonia has become one of the success stories of building up a creative economy. We started pretty much from scratch policy-wise and in terms of economic relevance. Estonia’s path highlights that even small countries can have an international breakthrough in this area. This talk will shed light into the policy fundamentals behind this progress: how was access to finance ensured, creativity hubs created, awareness built up, focus on exports and integration of
creativity to other policy initiatives achieved.