Jouko Salonen

Jouko Salonen (FI)

Prestation: The Best is Yet to Come

Jouko Salonen is the chief administrative officer in Finnish Immigration Service. He has a background as a software serial entrepreneur in several startups and a CEO of venture capital backed high growth IT company. Before moving to business he made an academic career at the universities of Uppsala, Iowa, Amsterdam and California San Diego.


Finnish Immigration Service

Finnish Immigration Service shares with her Scandinavian sister organizations the bizarre challenge and experience: you need to grow your business but at the same time you must scale down your costs and human resources.

The cost cuts hit us as requirements to squeeze the salary rise to 0.3% ‐ at the same we need incentives to keep your best performing teams hungry for new record performances. The Pareto Power curve is our reality ‐ our best performing teams provide most of the results and we really need to keep these teams going. This kind of environment is rewarding and interesting ‐ it is the best possible context to invent and develop bleeding edge digital tools ‐ not only to deliver superior results but also to provide our employees the opportunity to perform well, enjoy their work and have fun.

Finnish Immigration Service has been able to improvethe productivity of the Government Immigration services year after year 4+% now eight years in a row. And more is ahead. As the lyrics of Cy Coleman’s famous song goes ‐ The Best is Yet to Come ‐ you think you’ve seen the sun but you ain’t seen it shine yet!