Jani Ahonala (FI)

Presentation: Noona (app for cancer patients)

Jani Ahonala is the co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Noona Healthcare. During the past 15 years Jani has worked as a researcher, healthcare management
consultant and entrepreneur. His expertise is in design and digitalization of healthcare services. Jani has worked with many of the leading hospitals around the world. He has also been an adviser for Pharmaceutical companies helping them adopt service-centered business models and digital solutions.

During his career as Managing Director at design agency Kaufmann, Jani was devoted to the development of more customer-centered services, especially within cancer care. Together with his colleagues Jani went on to found Noona Healthcare – the start-up behind mobile service Noona, which helps cancer centers monitor the recovery of their patients and reallocate resources to where they are needed most. Jani believes in a future where everyone has access to the best cancer care available.


NOONA – Cancer Clinic at Your Fingertips

Noona is a mobile service that provides cancer centers with a holistic, real-time view of their patients’ wellbeing. With Noona, patients report their condition via a mobile device and the medical team can identify acute symptoms and target patients in need of immediate care. Its unique operating concept is based on smart algorithms and automation. When less severe symptoms are present, Noona automatically gives patients self-care and monitoring instructions. Noona improves the quality of cancer patient care in parallel with saving clinical resources.

Noona’s vision is to have over 1 million Noona users by 2020, making it the world´s largest prospective real-time database of cancer patients at various stages of the disease. Noona will help researchers and medical teams around the world discover new ways to treat and overcome cancer.

Noona has been developed in close cooperation with HUCH Cancer Center, which is on the Top 5 cancer centers in Europe. Building on the principles of open innovation, the rst commercial version of Noona was developed in only 18 months – a remarkable example of successful collaboration between a public giant and a small start-up company.