Ingi Steinar Ingason

Ingi Steinar Ingason (IS)

Presentation: Vera - National Patient Portal for Iceland

Ingi Steinar Ingason has been a project manager for eHealth projects at the Directorate of Health in Iceland since 2012.
He leads various eHealth projects on a national level. Among them are development of an integrated national electronic health record and the national patient portal, Vera.
Ingi Steinar holds a Bachelor´s degree in Computer Science from the University of Iceland. He has over 20 years of experience in working on the development and implementations of electronic health records.


Vera ( is the patient portal where Icelandic citizens can securely access their personal health information and communicate with their health care providers. The first version of Vera was launched in October 2014 and a nationwide implementation is now in process.

The aim with Vera is patient empowerment and increased patient safety. By providing citizens with a secure electronic access to their own health information they can have better overview of their own health data and communication with health professionals in various health care settings. Vera is an ongoing project where health consumers will eventually have full access to their EHR.

Vera is developed in cooperation between the Directorate of Health, Primary Health Care of the Capital Area in Iceland and TM-Software.