Ingi Rafn Sigurðsson

Ingi Rafn Sigurðsson (IS)

Presentation: Future of Financial Services

Work Experience

  • Since Jan 2012
    CEO, Karolina Fund ehf
    Initiator and co-founder of the first crowdfunding platform in Iceland. Member of the Board.
  • Since Oct 2011
    Founder and Chairman, Reykjavík Labs ehf
    Founder and owner of, an e-commerce store and platform for Nordic designers and buyers worldwide.
  • Jan 2014-Sept 2015
    Managing Director, Reykjavik Arts Festival
    Management of the 45-year-old festival of all arts in Reykjavik involves board meetings, communications with artists, top businesses managers, city officials and the Ministries.
  • 2009-2011
    Specialist: Sales and Marketing, Arion Bank
    Specialist in sales and marketing in retail banking. Development, monitoring and evaluation of performance parameters. Development and implementation of sales strategies. Member of the Social Media Council.
  • 2006-2008
    Quality and Education Manager, Kaupthing Bank
    Management of a large and highly effective sales team. Recruitment. Training of staff. Quality and productivity management. Customer Relations Management. Analysis of tendering offers.
  • 2004-2005
    Specialist: Individual and Corporate sales, Kaupthing Bank
    Team leader and shift manager. Customer relations and sales.
  • 2002-2003
    Production and Sales, Thule Music
    Managed contracts, sales, creative work, music videos and production.
  • 2001
    Technical assistant, Thule Studios
    Recordings, mixing and mastering work. Music events.


2010 Two Diplomas from the Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Iceland.
2007 Certificate from Skýrr (Advania) in advanced use of Business Objects Web Intelligence.
2001 College degree, Verkmenntaskóli Akureyrar.


How the environment has changed for entrepreneurs in the last years with examples of unbelievable growth because of financing options that emerged with social media and the internet.

Are banks to expensive to serve the SME market? Why Karolina Fund is now looking into entering the P2P loan market in a similar way as Airbnb entered the hotel market.