Christoph Thür

Christoph Thür (FI)

Presentation: Why musicality should be as commonplace as literacy is today, and how to achieve this

Christoph Thür is Co‐Founder and CEO of Yousician, a start up changing the way people learn to play a musical instrument. Originally from Switzerland, Chris has studied systems engineering and industrial management in his home country and in Finland at Tampere University of Technology. Chris is a Coach at Helsinki based startup accelerator Startup Sauna, and has been promoting entrepreneurship at many events in Finland and abroad.

When not working, Chris spends his time hiking, kayaking, climbing, cycling, cooking vegetarian food and reading about technology and society. And playing the piano, of course!

‐ Creative industries can work as a fuel of growth in economies but this requires operating environment that truly acknowledges and fosters ability to integrate high entrepreneurial ambition and imagination with existing knowledge and competence to develop products and services for competitive global digital markets.


Yousician ‐ Worlds largest Music Educator

Yousician was founded to make musicality as commonplace as literacy. With over 25 million users we have become in less than 5 years the world’s largest music educator and on average every 2 seconds, a person from around the world starts to play a musical instrument with us.

In addition to being market leader in its field Yousician is great example on what creating successful global consumer product in creative industries requires. High‐tech meets arts, education and gaming are combined in an innovative way to create a profitable and high growth business that is having a profound positive impact in the lives of millions of people around the world.

Yousician´s fast growing team consists of 31 creative industry professionals, combining the areas of expertise and talent that Finland is known. Our signal processing technology enables analyzing users musical performance in real time, where as game like environment and data driven pedagogic concept design enable us to revolutionize one of the most profound creative skills, musicality.

Yousician is used by thousands of music teachers worldwide and has won over 30 international awards, including the world’s best learning game (EU Ludus initiative), the WSA world summit award of the United Nations, and was recognized for its innovation by WIRED magazine as Finland’s #1 hottest startup and Sunday Times’ “Worlds best apps” prize.