Northern Future Forum focuses on creative industries and public sector innovation

The Northern Future Forum this week will bring together for the fifth time the Prime Ministers of the Nordic countries, the Baltic countries and the United Kingdom to discuss future trends in northern Europe. On 28-29th October the seminar hosted by Prime Minister Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson will stimulate debate on how the creative industry sector can best be supported and discuss ways to innovate in the public sector to improve the quality of public services.

In addition to the Prime Ministers, approximately 80 experts from Iceland, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden and Britain will participate in the informal discussions and exchange of ideas. Among the Icelandic experts participating in the seminar are Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, Executive Director of CCP; Ingi Rafn Sigurðsson, Executive Director of Karolina Fund; Vala Halldórsdóttir, Chief Revenue Officer at Plain Vanilla; Guðlaug Rakel Guðjónsdóttir, Chief Executive at Landspítali – The National University Hospital of Iceland; and Ingi Steinar Ingason, Project Manager for eHealth projects at the Directorate of Health.

The moderators of the discussions are Ragnhildur Arnljótsdóttir, Permanent Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office;  Kristján Leósson, Managing Director of the Department of Materials, Biotechnology and Energy at Innovation Centre Iceland; Hilmar Bragi Janusson, Dean of the School of Engineering and Natural Sciences at the University of Iceland; Halla Tómasdóttir, Founder & CEO of Sisters Capital; Jón Atli Benediktsson, Rector of the University of Iceland; Guðfinna S. Bjarnadóttir, Chief Executive Director of LEAD Consulting; Ragnhildur Hjaltadóttir, Permanent Secretary of the  Ministry of the Interior; Ari Kristinn Jónsson, President of Reykjavik University; and Dóra Ísleifsdóttir; Professor of Visual communication at Iceland Academy of the Arts.

More detailed information on the seminar, its programmes, the delegations, experts and speakers is available here on this website

It will be possible to follow the event’s opening speeches, summary and press conference via the website. The opening speeches will be webcast live at 08.30–08.50 and the summary and press conference at 13.00–10.00. It will be possible to follow discussions on twitter: @NFForum2015 and #NFForum2015.



Nine Prime Ministers discuss creative industries and public sector innovation at Northern Future Forum in Reykjavik

Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson has invited the Prime Ministers of the Nordic countries, the Baltic states and the United Kingdom to discuss future trends in northern Europe at the Northern Future Forum seminar, to be held in Reykjavik on 28th – and 29th of October 2015. The themes of the meeting are creative industries and simpler, smarter and innovative public services

The Northern Future Forum brings together for the fifth time in an informal setting the Prime Ministers of nine countries as well as business leaders and experts. Iceland, this year’s host country, wishes to stimulate debate on the importance of creative industries which account for higher than average growth and job creation, where measureable and innovation as a catalyst for change in the way public services are run. All of the countries participating in the event are facing common challenges, which include the need to balance public sector finances, digitalisation, and international competition.

“The Northern Future Forum is a great way to pool our knowledge and learn from one another. It is a unique venue where academia, the business sector and policy makers from nine countries come together to present and discuss innovative ideas. The challenges of our countries are in many ways similar and the sharing of ideas and knowledge in this open way strengthens our abilities to work through them” says Prime Minister Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson.   “Iceland has some leading experts in these fields and we also look forward to learn from the discussions and to be inspired by our guests’ ideas and solutions.”

The seminar will be held at Grand Hotel Reykjavík. It will be possible to follow the event’s opening speeches, closing session and press conference by webcast.

The members of the Northern Future Forum met for the first time in London in January 2011. The seminar has also been held in Stockholm, Riga and Helsinki.

Further information: Arnar Þór Másson, Director General, tel. +354 545-8475 and Sigrún Ólafsdóttir, Head of Division, tel. +354-545 8473, Prime Minister’s Office

The Northern Future Forum official website:

The Northern Future Forum 28-29 October 2015 in Reykjavík

The Northern Future Forum 2015 will be held on 28-29 October in Reykjavík, Iceland.

NFF is a venue that brings together the PMs from the UK, the Nordic and the Baltic countries with a wide range of creative and dynamic experts to look at different policy themes that affect us all.

The discussion will focus on how to improve the standard of living in the participating countries. During the forum, prime ministers and experts from different sectors come together in an informal setting to share their experiences of concrete projects and business opportunities.

The forum will include presentations on innovations and solutions that have helped to create jobs, improve living conditions and enhance productivity in the participating countries.

Presentations and material from the meeting will be made available here on this website.

This will be the fifth NFF. The first UK-Nordic-Baltic Summit was initiated by British Prime Minister David Cameron in 2011. Since then, the NFF has been held in Stockholm in 2012, in Riga in 2013 and in Helsinki 2014. Previous meetings have focused on themes such as Technology and Innovation, Jobs, Family and Gender Equality, Women Entrepreneurship, Green Economy, Education systems and Innovative businesses. The basic concept has remained unchanged and has proven to be successful over the years.

The NFF 2015 will be hosted by the Prime Minister of Iceland, Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson, and take place in Reykjavík on 28-29 October 2015.

The main themes for NFF 2015 are:

Ms Anna Qvennerstedt

Anna Qvennerstedt (SE)

Presentation: Building a culture for creativity - How a small advertising agency from the North Pole (Gothenburg) became the best agency in the world

Anna Qvennerstedt is Copywriter, Senior Partner and Chairman of the Board at Forsman & Bodenfors in Sweden.

Over the past 10 years, Forsman & Bodenfors has continuously been among the world’s best creative agencies – and was the most awarded agency in the world 2014. (According to the Gunn Report.) Anna has been with the agency since 2004 and was appointed Chairman in 2012.

In 2007, Anna was awarded the Platinum Egg as the youngest person ever given this prize honouring individuals who have had an exceptional impact on the advertising industry in Sweden. This makes her the second woman through history to be elected onto the The Platinum Academy (the Hall of Fame for people in advertising).

Anna has over the past two decades won gold medals in numerous Swedish and international award shows, including a Grand Prix in Cannes.

She has served as a juror on several award shows, such as the Cannes Lions, Eurobest, D&AD, New York Festivals and the One Show. She is also a member of the One Show International Board of Directors. In 2011 she was named Jury President of the Swedish national advertising awards.


1991–1994 Berghs School of Communication

Employment history

1994–1994 Villmer Advertising Agency (Junior Copywriter)
1994–1997 Garbergs Advertising Agency (Copywriter)
1997–2004 TBWA Stockholm (Copywriter & Founding Partner)
2004– Forsman & Bodenfors (Copywriter, Senior Partner & Chairman of the Board)

Positions of Trust

1998–2002 Board member of BRIS Federation Board
2001 Juror in Eurobest
2002 Juror in D&AD
2003 Juror in the Cannes Lions Press & Outdoor Jury
2008 Juror in Clio
2008–2012 Board member of the Association of Communication Agencies
2008–2010 Board member of the Swedish Institute Advisory Council
2010 Juror in the One Show
2011 Jury President of the Golden Egg Awards
2001– Board member of Berättarministeriet
2012– Chairman of the Board of Forsman & Bodenfors
2013 Juror in the One Show
2013 Juror in Cannes Lions Direct Jury
2014 Jury President in Eurobest
2015– Member of the One Club International Board of Directors
2015 Juror in the New York Festivals Executive Jury
2015 Juror in the Cannes Lions Integrated & Titanium Jury

Mr Ted Persson

Ted Persson (SE)

Presentation: Europe is now - How Europw can surpass America as the new center of digitalinnovation

Ted Person is a Stockholm based digital entrepreneur, product designer, creative director and struggling beard grower. Ted is a co-founder of digital agency Great Works, since 2014 part of the North Alliance (NOA), Scandinavia’s leading communications and technology network. Ted currently heads up NOA’s startup incubation unit, through which he currently among other things acts as head of product and marketing at digital retail startup Wrapp. Ted is also a co-founder of Our/Vodka, a global vodka made by local people in cities around the world run by Pernod Ricard, and also advises a bunch of super cool startups, schools and projects.


Acting Head of Product + Marketing at Wrapp
September 2014 - Present (5 months)
Wrapp is a digital retail startup bound to make shopping better for both merchants and consumers. I help out with product management, design and marketing strategy, through North Alliance’s Incubator (part time).

Advisor, Member of the Board at Njuice
June 2014 - Present (8 months)
I advise digital news startup Njuice, through North Alliance’s incubator.

Advisor, Program Steering Committee, Digital Media Creative at Hyper Island
February 2014 - Present (1 year)
I’m part of the school’s program steering committee for the digital media creative program in Stockholm and Karlskrona.

Partner at The North Alliance
January 2014 - Present (1 year 1 month)
North Alliance (NOA) is Scandinavia’s leading communications and technology agency network. Great Works is part of the North Alliance since January 2014.

Co Founder, Head of Incubation at Great Works
January 2014 - Present (1 year 1 month)
Great Works is one if Scandinavia’s leading digital marketing and product design agencies, with offices in Stockholm, New York, Tokyo and Shanghai. I lead the agency’s and North Alliance’s incubation offering. I also help out with some Creative Direction for clients like Absolut Vodka.

Co-founder at Our/Vodka
January 2013 - Present (2 years 1 month)
I was part of setting up Our/Vodka, a global vodka brand with local roots, within Pernod Ricard. After a successful introduction in Berlin and Detroit, Our/Vodka will open up micro distilleries in eleven cities across the US, Europe and Australia including New York, Amsterdam, London and Melbourne, together with local partners.

Advisor at Toborrow
January 2013 - Present (2 years 1 month)
I’m an advisor and investor in P2P lending startup Toborrow.

Advisor at Atsoko International AB
January 2011 - Present (4 years 1 month)
I’m an advisor and investor in skincare startup Atsoko.

Co Founder, Global Chief Creative Officer at Great Works
2002 - December 2013 (11 years)
Great Works is one if Scandinavia’s leading digital marketing and product design agencies, with offices in Stockholm, New York, Tokyo and Shanghai. I led the agency’s creative teams, oversaw work coming out of the global offices, led new business from a creative perspective and worked as creative lead on clients like Absolut Vodka, H&M, Electrolux and Samsung. Great Works was co-owned by Tokyo based TYO Group between 2007 and 2011.

Creative Teamleader/Art Director/Partner at Abel & Baker
1999 - 2002 (3 years)
I worked as creative lead for clients like Microsoft and Adidas, and was a member of the board some of the time period.

Art Director/Partner at Speedway Digital Army
1998 - 1999 (1 year)
Worked, and didn’t work, on all kinds of clients and non-clients.

Graphic Designer at Clockwork Consulting
1997 - 1998 (1 year)
Clockwork was one of the first digital agencies in Sweden. I worked on Eurocard, Diners, Alcro, Medborgarskolan and a bunch of clients I’ve forgotten about. Clockwork was later acquired by Bonnier and Mogul.

Graphic Designer at Dimac
1997 - 1997 (less than a year)
Worked with product and experience design for online services.

Honors and Awards

Veckans Affärer 101 Super Talents
Veckans Affärer
September 2009
#6 on the list of business newspaper Veckans Affärer’s annual list of 101 super talents.

Business Insider poach list: 2012 One of the 37 creatives most lusted after
Business Insider
July 2012
“Our 2012 Poach List consists of the creatives cited most often by rival agencies—the art directors and copywriters that make agencies jealous.” Read more:
meet-the-37-creatives-most-lusted-after-by-rival-agencies-2012-7?op=1#ixzz3Jw9xwEQy http://

Ms Madara Peipiņa

Madara Peipina (LV)

Presentation: Public E-petition Platform – My Voice

Madara Peipina represents one of the most innovative and successful e-petition platforms in Europe - / MyVoice, helping to bring people’s ideas to Parliament.

She is a highly motivated non-profit project developer and manager with a background in international communication, environment and sustainability, non-formal education and law. During her more than 10 years of experience with non-profit projects and organizations, she has worked closely together with climate movement in New Zealand and Youth Wtih A Mission in Norway and Argentina, as well as helped to build and strenghten national scale non-profits in Latvia, such as e-petition platform, environmental movement homo ecos: and youth organization NEXT.

Ms Peipina is particularly interested in creating and implementing social initiatives with a high added value for different society groups, especially youth, believing that a meaningful and lasting change can only happen when non-profits work closely together with government institutions and entrepreneuers.


MyVoice /

Bringing people’s ideas straight to decision makers

“ now puts Latvia at the forefront of European efforts to shift some forms of political participation to the Internet.” New York Times, 9th of April, 2013

What is MyVoice / ? is a public participation platform where every citizen of Latvia at least 16 years of age can submit and sign initiatives and e-petitions for any level legislation change. Anyone who has a good idea how to improve existing laws or create new ones can register his/her idea and gather supporters’ signatures. Once an initiative reaches 10 000 signatures, it is officially submitted to the Parliament, where it is processed and included in the Parliament’s official agenda. Later it is discussed together with the author and experts, and Parliament makes the final decision - either the idea presented in the initiative becomes a law or not.

This mechanism – collective submission – was one of the first petitions on back in June 2011, and, thanks to people’s signatures, is now established in the law.

Using the site is completely free. All users of are required to authorize through a state-registered online bank. ensures privacy and the security of personal data.

All initiative authors and users of receive technical, legal and communications support, and makes sure all ideas presented to Parliament are processed and heard.

Does it work?

Yes, it does! After four years of work has proved itself to be one of the most effective, widerspread and popular civic participation projects in Latvia’s history. Even more - has been recognized as an open government success story all across the globe. It was mentioned by US President Barack Obama during the Open Government Partnership Initiative launching event, it has been featured in publications by New York Times and The Guardian, as well as recognized as “one of the outstanding challengers from Eastern and Central Europe”.


Ms Silvija Nora Kalniņš

Silvija Nora Kalniņš (LV)

Presentation: Stimulating Sustainable - Thinking through Symbiosis of Science and Culture

Silvija Nora Kalniņš has more than 15 years’ experience in project management, including more than ten in environmental governance and education. Worked as Head of office of United Nations Development Programme in Latvia from 2005 to 2010 managing staff and environmental portfolio in climate change, biodiversity and chemicals management. Since 2010 has worked as independent consultant in programme management and development, as well as on project evaluations in countries throughout the Central and Eastern European region.

Under Latvia’s Presidency to the Council of Europe, lead the Latvian team on chemicals management and chaired the European Council International Working Party (WPIEI) on Chemicals/Synergy.

Lecturer on environmental management systems in the Riga Technical University for over six years. In 2014, received an award for her work as a researcher and university lecturer with a Latvian Environmental Science Award in the category “Environmental researcher or university educator”. Received a PhD in environmental engineering from the Riga Technical University in 2014. Publications include the book “Environmental and Energy Management” (S.Valtere,
S.N.Kalniņš, D. Blumberga, 2014) and various articles on evaluations and their methodology, innovative approaches in educating on environment, project management and others. Member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal “Environmental and Climate Technologies”. Has worked as a volunteer in nature studies for children from grades 1-4 in Ādaži public school (Latvia) developing and introducing modules for an integrated approach to education.

Together with ornithologist Otars Opermanis and musician Ingus Ulmanis, co-author of the award-winning environmental education & awareness concept “Nature Concerthall”. Executive producer of concerts, CDs and DVDs generating by Nature Concerthall since 2007. Author of songs and lyrics registered in the Latvian Authors’ Association (AKKA/LAA).


The Nature Concerthall - method for public awareness raising which has been tested and practiced in over 17 municipalities in Latvia over 10 years and shows that it is possible, through a specially targeted, interactive and multi-disciplinary approach to attract many thousands of people from different backgrounds, to change perception on the importance of sustainable development and to motivate them to introduce change.

Each year a specific species is selected as the year’s mascot or hero through which the event is created. The species dictates the development of the event in terms of: i) the location selected so that audiences can see the element first-hand; ii) the music which each year is created anew in line with the species’ habitat, behaviour, evolution; iii) the interactive workshops crafted by that year’s key scientists/researchers to showcase the species up close.

Nature concerthall (n.) – 1. the symbiosis of nature, music, science, visual art and poetry; 2. an interactive, educational event on nature; 3. an event that occurs in the summer in a previously undiscovered niche in nature; 4. an ambience event conducted in the open-air.


  • 2007 - Latvian Environmental Science Award for an innovative way of presenting environmental science
  • 2009 and 2011- Latvian Music Award for the best instrumental album of these years for the annual original music compilation from the concerts Hydropsyche instabilis and Fucus vesiculosus.
  • Nature Concerthall album Graphis scripta awarded Latvian Music Award for best concert film in February 2010.
  • 2012 - Best Practise award from the Green Spider Network for the best public awareness campaign on the environment that year.
  • 2011 - PrintArt Award for Fucus vesiculosus CD packaging
  • Silver award for Best Architectural Design in Latvia in 2014.

The Nature Concerthall idea stemmed from musicians wanting to break out of the traditional concert venues and scientists seeking methods to bring knowledge to the public. The event is shaped with:

  • interactive workstations open to the public for 4 hours to gain knowledge
  • discussion between poet and scientist on stage to capture main themes
  • one hour concert with songs and light/video performance

Combined, this event gives the practical information and emotional charge to produce empathy and the public’s deeper understanding and appreciation.

In a survey conducted, 80% of Nature Concerthall audiences noted that the event has given them new knowledge about nature and more than 43% said that the event motivated them to personally take concrete actions for environmental protection.

Due to its multi-disciplinary and sustainable approach, the event attracts audiences of all ages and interests and has led to the following results and benefits:

  • In environmental education, increasing interest of educators on the topics and methods to for integrated and innovative approaches to learning;
  • increases the integration of society (nationalities among one another, and active involvement of a broad scale from the youngest to most elderly populations);
  • reviving Latvian literature on nature with new stories and poetry on ten natural heros;
  • regional development through the promotion of and drawing tourists to previously less- and unknown areas;
  • promotes social interaction and involvement of person’s in the protection of recognized or newlydiscovered local cultural-natural values;
  • increases interest in the symbiosis of human and economic development in a sustainable way (deeper understanding of pressures on environment developed from economic activity, growing interest in eco-tourism);
  • facilitates interest of public in sustainable approach to economic development and its effects on nature, which, in the long-term, provides support to the municipal decision-makers in implementation of environmental measures.

Over the years, Dabas koncertzāle has created 8 CDs and DVDs, each with 12 original songs dedicated to the year’s feature species, a musical score for orchestra, teaching materials for schools, poetry and literature pieces.

Dabas koncertzāle was established in 2005 and is a non-profit association.

Mr Victor Diawara

Mr Victor Diawara (LT)

Presentation: Art Factory LOFTAS-Platform of Cultural and Creative Industries – Where Art, Media and Functional Creations meet

Work experience

2013 May – June
Two day creative industries conference “What’s Next?” initiator and organizer

2012 June / 2013 June
International festival “Loftas fest 2012” and “Loftas fest 2013” initiator and organizer

“Loftas Fest” – it is the first international interdisciplinary art and music festival of this type that lasts 3 days and nights in Vilnius Naujamiestis. International cooperation and cultural exchange – one of the strongest sides of this project.

In 2012 and 2013, this festival was widely publicized in local and international media as unconventional and unique event. Further this event in Vilnius Naujamiestis revitalized the abandoned “Elfa” factory quarters and industrial Vytenis street.

The main task of this interdisciplinary art and music festival was to set a standard of progress for modern culture.

Besides this huge event that was an opportunity to transform industrial neighborhood of Naujamiestis to a place of good quality art and culture.

The main aims and tasks of the festival:

  1. To popularise lithuanian modern culture (esspecially music and visual arts) locally as well as internationally.
  2. To encourage cooperation of lithuanian and foregin artists.
  3. To provide cultural progress to the area of Naujamiestis the place of small cultural events of young artists and musicians.
  4. To make “Loftas fest” an international interdisciplinary art and music festival available to the wider audience especially for young people and guests from other regions.
  5. To rise the artistic quality of music in Lithuania, and to encourage the appreciation of good quality popular music for young lithuanians .
  6. To provide a platform for musicians and visual artists as well as to present their art in international festivals with artists and musicians that are already globally acclaimed.

2009 December – present
Director of art factory “Loftas”.

He invited to Lithuania globally known groups, such as “Jazzanova”, “Caribou”, “Gabin”, “Hercules and Love Affair”, “Toro Y Moi”, Jamie Woon, Nicolas Jaar, “Editors”, Ellie Goulding, Dub Fx, “Parov Stelar Band” and many others.


  • UN Goodwill ambassador 2006
  • UNICEF honorary ambassador 2010
  • The founding member of the band “Skamp”
  • Member of „LT United“ band
  • The member of the international project „Malituanie“ with the widely acclaimed Baba Sissoko

The recipient of more than 30 musical awards, including:

  • The 35th Grand Prix „Liepajas Dzintars“ festival in 1999 . (Latvia)
  • The award from the Government of the Republic of Lithuania (the Prime Minister) in 1998

Active member of musical festivals

  • Culture Jam Festival 2006 (Germany)
  • “Deadly Live Tour” 2005 (Great Britain, Ireland, Lithuania)
  • EU Days 2004 (Great Britain, Germany, Lithuania)
  • “Reach Tour” 2003-2004 (USA, Ireland, Great Britain, Austria, Germany)
  • Estonian music awards 2002 (Estonia)
  • Firenight Festival 2001 (Estonia)
  • Andrius Mamontovas Tour 2001 (Lithuania)
  • “Skempinligė Tour” 2001 (Lithuania / Latvia)
  • Eurovision song contest 2001 (Denmark)
  • Baltic Song Festival 2001 (Sweden)
  • Kaunas Jazz Festival 2000, 2003 & 2004 (Lithuania)
  • Forte Riga 2000 (Latvia)
  • Bildes 2000 (Latvia)
  • Parama 2000 (Lithuania)
  • “Green School Tour” 2000 (Lithuania)
  • Klaipėda Sea fest 1999 & 2000 (Lithuania)
  • Liepaja Dzintars Competition 1999 / 2000 (Latvia)
  • “Cool Rok Tour” 1998 (Lithuania)


Art Factory Loftas

is a platform of creative industries where arts, media & functional creations meet.

The project was started in 2009 in an area of  the capital Vilnius which has now gained the name “uptown”. It was a run down area, forgotten by the municipality, but the setting was perfect for our idea: a multi functional venue for all the players of the Creative Industries. It was the middle of the world financial and economic crisis. But we had a vision, a concept, a strategy, a network of professionals, a lot of energy and ambitions.

As we all know Creative Industries are one of the most dynamic sectors in the EU and one of the most significant and rising sectors in the world economy. New start ups (creative ideas, innovations) are performing the main role in creating new jobs and the creative economy stimulates economic diversification, revenues, trade and innovations.

Since 2009 Art Factory Loftas has organised or accommodated a various number of events by key players from the creative Industries:

Performing arts: live music, theatre, dance, opera
Audio-visuals: film festivals, television and radio broadcasting
Visual arts: exhibitions, painting, sculpture, photography
Design: fashion shows, jewellery, crafts fair, Uptown Market
Conferences: video gamers, animations, architecture, advertising, digital services etc.
Creative Industries conference “What’s next”
Loftas has become a place where cross sector possibilities are created
Co creation between disciplines
Cross overs between sectors
Cooperation between businesses
It’s where as an increased linkages between gaming, film & music is being established.


We create a critical mass for the creators, a community of people who need those services

Economic impact of the creative industries
Generated economic value and jobs

  • Generated content:  30 events per year in 2010 - growing to 220 events in 2015
  • Audience attendance: 20.000 attendees in 2010 - growing to 110.000 in 2015 (Vilnius has a population of 530.000)
  • Invited professionals: 20 in 2010 - over 240 in 2015 who visited Lithuania and interacted with the local audience, talent, innovators, etc. Sharing know how.
  • Created Jobs: 2 in 2009 - 24 in 2015. Also over 50 volunteers from partnering universities and between 4-6 interns every year.

We employ young people, who can learn skills practically. The educational system has not yet adapted the curriculum to the fast growing pace of creative industies which are ever-changing. Loftas is the perfect place for gathering career experience.

Social and economic impact for the area

Loftas has been the catalyst for the development of the whole area uptown area. This part of town is now becoming very “hip”. Many venues and bars are now opening there. Businesses are investing there. Some examples:

  • Barclay’s Creative Hub
  • Radio Lofts (loft spaces and creative studios)
  • Multifunctional sport centre (Index Hall),
  • Hub House (Association of music managers, designers, etc)
  • Hotels
  • Partnerships in all Europe


  • Dynamics: the nature of those industries is a continuous evolution and transition from one stage to another.
  • Access to finance: the banking sector does not have the necessary expertise to analyse business models in these sectors. Banks - Loans etc
  • Support creative business. Little state funding.
  • Regulations
  • Undeveloped areas. Safety.
  • Working factorie.
  • Need of infrastructure
  • Ownership
  • You don’t have to create brand new complexes for this.
  • Give empty / abandoned spaces to creative people and they can make wonders happen.
  • Creative people are the catalysts for innovation and economic development


Mr Siim Sikkut

Siim Sikkut (EE)

Presentation: e-Residency - Can governments operate like start-ups?

Siim Sikkut serves as Digital Policy Adviser in Government Office of Estonia. His role is to coordinate digital policy planning and execution of strategic initiatives across the government, plus advise the Prime Minister on e-governance and digital economy matters. Siim is one of the founders of Estonia’s groundbreaking e-Residency programme.


How to operate in government like the start-ups do: story of the launch of e-Residency

Estonia launched e-Residency in December 2014, by giving the opportunity to anybody in the world to apply for government-issued secure digital identity. In a non-typical government way, the programme was launched and is run like start-ups are: in beta mode first, focusing on MVP, developing the service offering in agile way and hand-in-hand with users, going live and failing fast. The talk will sum the road so far, reflecting can start-up ways of doing things really be fit to government setting, what are the hardships and opportunities along the way.


Ms Eve Limbach-Pirn

Eve Limbach-Pirn (EE)

Presentation: How to promote leader’s innovativeness? Experience from Estonia

Eve Limbach-Pirn graduated from Tartu University as a psychologist and has spent most of her professional career in Human Resource Management. She has worked as a HR manager, trainer and consultant both in private and public sectors. In 1999 – 2004, she worked as aVice Rector for Estonian Academy of Security Sciences. Eve is currently Head of Top Civil Service Excellence Centre in Government Office of Estonia. She has built the team of the Centre and led development of the systematic approach to recruitment and development of top civil servants in Estonia.


How to cultivate leadership and skills for public sector innovation: experience from training of top civil servants in Estonia

Synopsis: As innovation becomes more important in public sector, so does the need for innovation-friendly leadership rise. In Estonia, we have learned several practical lessons how to hire better for fostering innovation and entrepreneurship among top civil servants – starting from how to advertise these positions out. We have also learned ins and outs on if and how innovative leaders can be fostered through skills development: which skills are needed, what training methods work best, etc. This talk will summarize Estonian Top Civil Service Excellence Centre’s years of experience in fostering innovation in Estonian public sector.